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Kenny Kahn, Local Attorney Extraordinaire

May 13, 2005

Kenny Kahn, Local Attorney Extraordinaire — Author, Comedian and Criminal Attorney.

Opening Paragraphs + extract:

SANTA MONICA — Kenny Kahn is a criminal defense attorney in Santa Monica who has defended clients in greater Los Angeles for 30 years. But he is not your ordinary 9 to 5 lawyer.

From an early age and perhaps due to many life-changing experiences, Kahn learned to nurture a sense of humor. As a youth, he managed to overcome some of life’s greatest challenges in an environment where only the strong-willed flourish. And later as a successful criminal defense attorney, he narrowly escaped with his life after being stabbed in the chest.

His reaction to such a life-threatening blow was not to quit and get sour, but to seek out more opportunities to share his humorous outlook on life. This included a satisfying stream of appearances as a professional stand-up comedian.

Kahn reveals his painful and turbulent childhood in his recently released biography entitled The Carny Kid: Survival of a Young Thief, by Pendant Press. In spite of his upbringing, he evolved into a highly-regarded criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. He is known for using a candid approach to clearly explain and help individuals to more easily navigate the complex American legal system.

Kahn has made thousands of courtroom appearances and public speaking engagements. As a polished comedian, he gets the world to laugh at his profession with his unique, sometimes “Kahn-troversial” monologue and an unending supply of lawyer jokes. He has performed at such clubs as the Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store and The Improv and in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas, and New York City.

Kahn has been featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” profiled on “CNN Showbiz Today” and is still in demand for speaking engagements by audiences from coast-to-coast.

Kahn first gained nationwide notoriety when he defended Andrew Dalton Lee in an espionage case that became a feature film The Falcon and the Snowman.

“I had the Justice Department, the CIA and the FBI on one side, and me on the other,” he said. “That was quite a challenge.” Lee received a life sentence, but Kahn developed a reputation as a fighter who wasn’t shy of the establishment.

. . .

Kenny was the oldest child of the only Jewish family in the Ramona Gardens housing projects in East Los Angeles. In The Carny Kid, he tells a gripping story of living with two delinquent parents who make their living as traveling gypsies and then graduate to dealing heroin from their cockroach infested apartment.

But if this was not enough tragedy for a young life, during the crowning height of his teen years in Lincoln High School he acquired polio. The ravaging disease quickly eliminated half the muscle tissue on the left side of his body, including his arm and leg.

With a teeth-crunching determination to get well, he endured the seemingly unending pain of forcing himself to do continuous sets of rigorous physical exercises. Eventually he gave up the crutches and lastly his walking cane.


The Epoch Times | Kenny Kahn, Local Attorney Extraordinaire — Author, Comedian and Criminal Attorney.
Dan Sanchez,
May 11, 2005.

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